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Seeking out a professional to talk about your own personal difficulties often doesn’t come with ease. It is completely normal to feel apprehension about revealing details of your personal life to a stranger. In addition, a person who has gone through some struggles might already feel vulnerable or ashamed to get help. It is of utmost importance to make this process smooth, safe and comfortable for you, starting from the initial contact and throughout our collaboration.

I believe in a balanced coaching and counseling relationship, like an active partnership. We are both experts in our own experiences, working together to navigate through your struggles, exploring your existent coping skills and/or developing new ones, all in efforts to achieve goals and personal development. I use mindfulness-based approach to guide you in this process of self-discovery. Non-judgment, kindness and self-awareness are the key ingredients in our collaboration.

Allow yourself time and give kindness in the process that unfolds itself naturally, and may require exploring emotions and thoughts that are not easy. I use active listening and empathetic guidance, as I believe that our therapeutic relationship (my personal being) affects the outcome of our collaboration as much as my expertise.

There is no one recipe method that works for everyone. Every individual has their own unique story of background and life experiences. For that reason, I do not align myself in any single psychological theory. However, I believe in the benefits of applying mindful components in a daily life, which is a big part of my doctoral research – as part of an integrative perspective in my work with clients. All emotions and thoughts are welcome, and with increased awareness and kindness, together we work on accepting what we experience and cultivating self-compassion in those elements.

I provide coaching and counseling in English, Croatian/Serbian/Bosnian. Face-to-face or online.

Free Consultation

If you are facing emotional difficulties in the new environment away from what is familiar and comforting to you, and cannot grasp the situation any longer, I am happy to reach out and help you feel home within yourself again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching is an empowering human connection in which trained coaches help people to focus on realization of their visions and goals through personal inquiry and discovery of strategies. Coaching is usually a long-term relationship of support and feedback in one’s personal growth.

Life coach is a trained professional who takes a holistic approach in supporting and guiding someone towards a wide spectrum of personal development: professions/career, dating and relationships, diet and fitness, family and parenting, health and wellness, spirituality, cultural adjustment and multicultural relationships, etc.

I am a Specialist Counsellor and Coach; diploma obtained in 2017 from the Academy for Counselling and Coaching in the Netherlands, EU (Registration number: 130291). I also specialize in counseling and coaching expats (people living abroad, outside their home countries).  You can read HERE more about topics in which I provide support of coaching and counseling.

Traditional therapy focuses on the past and analyzes the origins of the problem and why certain emotions/thoughts/behaviors occur in the present. Coaching is focused on the future and tries to address the ‘HOW’ rather than ‘WHY’ in achieving one’s full potential.

My educational background is in psychology, and I briefly worked as a psychosocial specialist in the USA. I am currently a Ph.D. researcher in psychology (study on mindfulness and cultural adjustment). Hence, depending on each client’s specific situation, in my work I incorporate both the knowledge of psychological theories to address where and why of emotions, thoughts and behaviors (counseling aspect), AND also provide tools and guidance in how to achieve goals in personal development (coaching aspect). You can read HERE more about my style of working.

I am not recognized as a psychologist in Austria due to licensing regulations (language barrier in passing the license). However, my degrees are validated in Austria. Therefore, I prefer to use the term coach/counselor, until I finish my Ph.D. and apply for the license to be recognized as a psychologist. Please note that I am not a psychiatrist and I cannot prescribe medications.

Mindfulness is a state of awareness in which one is connected with one’s thoughts, feelings, and body sensations that are occurring at the moment, without giving any meanings, associations, or judgments to what one is experiencing at that particular moment. As a concept originally coming from the Buddhist approach towards life, many people associate mindfulness exclusively with a ‘trained’ practice in which a person sits in silence, with closed eyes and crossed legs to achieve awareness of thoughts and an overall sense of serenity. But mindfulness is more than that. It’s a way of life in which a person experiences the present moment as it is, with kindness and non-judgement, accepting the thoughts, feelings and body sensations to achieve inner peace. It is scientifically proven to have numerous health benefits.

I am currently enrolled in training by the Mindful Academy Solterreno to become a certified teacher in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). It’s an 8-week program focused on awareness of breath, body, thoughts and emotions in reducing stress that accumulates in our daily life. The key elements are acceptance, open-mind, kindness and non-judgement towards ourselves.

I implement mindfulness into my own life, and I believe in its beneficial powers for our psychological and physical well-being. My style of work also incorporates elements of mindfulness, depending on each client’s situation and needs. For more about my mindfulness workshops, read HERE.

Consulting aims to answer specific problems and seeks to provide information in terms of expertise, strategy, methodologies, and structure.

I use my background in research and methodology to address specific questions in the topics of psychology (behavior, emotions, cognition), mindfulness, cultural adjustment, violence, children’s rights, and education. My published work is based on a scientific evidence-based information that was gathered through detailed interpretation of theories and conducted research techniques with the participants in the field. For more on my work in consulting, please read HERE.

I work with English-speaking adults, adolescents, and school-age children. I specialize working with expats, international students, and others living abroad. I also work with people from Croatia and countries of the former Yugoslavia, in Croatian/Serbian/Bosnian language. I can also provide services to the Austrian individuals who may prefer to have sessions in English and work with someone with an international perspective. I work with all genders, people of all sexual orientations, different nationalities and religions. 

Payment is due in full at the time of your session. Payment can be made only by bank transfer. My business is registered in Croatia, for which I pay taxes, and for that reason I need to have the payments shown in the bank account of my registered business (find all information about that HERE).

I do not bill directly to insurance companies. I am not sure if services that I provide could be reimbursed. Please check that with your insurance company in advance. I am happy to provide you with a receipt that you may submit to your insurance company if you wish to do so.

Appointments are possible to schedule 

Monday through Friday from 10:00 – 14:00, and 17:00 – 20:00.

To find out more about my current availability (also Saturday is possible), please contact me.

Sessions can take place online or face-to-face. Please let me know about your preference during initial consultation. I need to reserve a space in the office if you prefer face-to-face.

This depends on the specific situation of every client. In general, coaching is a long-term relationship of goal-orientated guidance, support and follow-up to tackle the challenges on the way and meet the goals. We discuss your goals and expectations in the initial consultation (BOOK HERE).

Sessions are typically once per week (up to 75 min), although some people may wish to every other week (or with some other frequency) depending on their needs and availability. We discuss this together during initial consultation, and also during the process of services. My focus is always on you listening to your inner voice and proceeding with what feels right for you, in any given moment.

Please let me know at least 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel or reschedule.

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