Coaching & Psychosocial Counseling

I provide individual coaching & psychosocial counseling when:  

  • you need support to cope with difficult and/or challenging life situations;
  • suffer from depression, loneliness, sadness, anxiety, fear, nervousness, worry, panic, have low self-esteem, and difficulty concentrating;
  • you are struggling to create or maintain personal relationships;
  • you are having difficulties finding yourself in a new environment, and new culture;
  • you want to strengthen existing and/or discover new coping mechanisms with stress and life adversity.


In the sessions, we start by discussing the challenges in more depth, to gain a better understanding and bring awareness of emotions, thoughts, and physical sensations (through cognitive-behavioral therapy and mindfulness-based approach). What we experience is part of our being. I believe that by embracing these sensations with compassion and kindness instead of trying to fix them or push them away, we are halfway to finding sense and strength in obstacles that we approach in life.


Working on your inner well-being is as equally (or more) important as it is to look well on the outside. Whether you struggle with a specific problem that you cannot tackle yourself, or you feel the need to change something in your personal development but don’t know how, investing in the services of coaching & counseling, or mindfulness workshops will be worthwhile and beneficial in a long run.

Prices are reflected depending on the standard of living of the place where you live. Students get a 50% discount. Please contact me for more details on fees.



Since I am not recognized in Austria as a psychologist (but I have validated my degrees), I do not know if your insurance will cover the fee for the coaching/counseling sessions. You must inquire about that yourself by contacting your insurance. I will gladly prepare an invoice that you may submit to your insurance company.

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