Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Interventions

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Psychosocial Specialist, Coach and Mindfulness Teacher

Mag. Maja Majdanac

If you are facing emotional difficulties, and cannot grasp the situation any longer, I am happy to reach out and help you feel at home within yourself again. I combine a multi-disciplinary approach based on a cognitive-behavioral perspective and mindfulness-based interventions to address your individual needs and goals.

I specialize in working with expats, international students, elementary/high school students, and anyone who experiences a variety of personal struggles, such as loneliness, depression, feeling ‘stuck’ in personal and professional development, lacking self-confidence, and having difficulties in making or maintaining relationships. Whatever the difficulties, I would like to guide you in getting a better understanding of your coping skills, to develop more self-compassion on the path of fulfillment and personal development.

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